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Internet Components for C#, VB.NET, Delphi and C++Builder.

Clever Internet Suite 11.0 Released


REST Clients with JSON and SOAP Components
for Delphi, C++Builder, and C# .NET


Database Comparer VCL for Delphi

Database Comparer VCL 8.1 Released


Database Comparing and
Data Migration Components for
Delphi and C++Builder

Firebird, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Interbase,
and other databases.



SFTP Client with Host-key Repository
This Delphi app implements a simple host key repository that keeps all known and verified by user SFTP host-keys and automatically accepts connections to these hosts.

Clever Internet Suite Tutorials
A new tutorial was added:
- SFTP Client with Host-key Repository.
MailClient with AntiVirus in Delphi
A basic yet fully functional E-mail client, which utilizes the TRichView components to display and edit HTML messages, Clever SMTP and POP3 components to send and retrieve E-mails.
The downloaded messages are scanned using the ClamAV antivirus library.
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Task Runner 1.4

Task Runner 1.4 Released

Software build automation tool for executing sequential tasks, running SQL scripts, Windows shell commands, JavaScript, and passing variables through the whole task execution chain.

Database Comparer Tools 8.0

Database Comparer Tools 8.0

Compare, synchronize, update databases structure, transfer table data, and manage database backups.


How to Override Default POP3 Server Command Handlers

The program shows how to override the default POP3 command handlers and implement your own ones.

GET on GitHub

How to Recompose Received MailMessage with Attachments

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever Mail Message and S/MIME Message components to parse / compose E-mail messages in MIME format, with file or image attachments.

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Send Photo using Telegram API

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever HTTP and HttpRequest components to submit an image to a Telegram channel using Telegram Bot API.

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