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Ksiądz Proboszcz
Absolutely best internet components for Delphi, Embarcadero should buy your stuff and include as standard!

Ich liebe Ihr Produkt. Getestet habe ich die Demo-Version.
Ich plane zu kaufen.

Sendil Kumar
The CleverComponents Internet Suite is an excellent handly tool for web developers to complete their programming in no time. CleverComponents has a really dedicated support team which guided and supported me for all my queries with minimal response time. The support was awesome.

I like your service but i want to know how to operate it.

Splendid Softwares & Excellent Service. Hats Off to your nice dedicated development team!

This is what I was looking for...awsome!!

One of the fantastic programs that do exactly what they are purported to do.
Wholeheartedly recommended.

W. Saumweber,
Clever Keyboard Indicator is indeed a clever little program that prevents you from accidentally hitting the CapsLock key and typing a whole sentence accidentally in uppercase. And the guys from Clever offer good service...

Troy Searle
Thank you for your help through our trial period. Your exceptional-speedy and helpful responses pushed our decision to go with your product over other similar tools on the market.
Thanks again and I look forward to adding your tools to my production toolset.

Marius van Tubbergh,,,
Thank you for a great component suite.
I have used several other free components ranging from Indy to FPiette's internet component suites. I had to convince my business partners, at first, to invest in something more stable with support but now they can not believe that we actually attempted to complete our project without Clever Internet Component suite.
My honest opinion is. If you are serious about your project(s), invest in THEM.
Clever Component Suite is by far the best investment we have made in our project.

Andre Voget, CEO
The Clever Internet Suite provides commercial-grade HTTP, FTP and mail functionality for our software programs. It has satisfied both our high requirements and expectations. I think it is one of the most under-estimated components in the Delphi world.

John Chapman
Thanks for a great tool. I successfully copied all tables from one database to another 1st time without a hitch. It was genuinely quick - just as advertised.

Jeff Molloy
I am using your IBDatapump and in all honesty it is the best datamover tool I have seen. Very easy to use and very powerful.

Dieter Tremel
Thank you for your great tool. Fascinating how fast You react!

Mark Ericksen
I'm glad that you made the IBDataPump. It is an important tool for people looking to migrate.

Todd Bennett
Thanks, Great product, a real time saver.

Karsten Strobel
I have to migrate the data in a IB6 database to a new version, after I've made some changes on key fields data types. Your tool just looked like the perfect solution to make this in no time at all.

Thomas Jaeger
Thanks for doing all this for the Interbase Community!

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