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Data Depersonalizer

Data Depersonalizer Tool

Data depersonalizing is the replacement of existing sensitive information in test or development data with programmatically generated information. Users of test, development, or training databases do not need to see the actual information as long as what they have appears real and consistent.

The Making Test Data from Real Data article shows how to mask sensitive data in XML and HTML documents, SQL scripts, and any other text-plain files.

The Depersonalizing Your Test Data article describes the used replacement algorithm.

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The library is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3GNU General Public License

The provided archives include the compiled executables, binaries, and source files for the program and test code.

  Description   Download
 Data Depersonalizer Stable Release Download Stable Release 
 Data Depersonalizer Source Code Download on GitHub
 Clever Internet .NET Suite* Download

*The current version of Data Depersonalizer needs for the non-free library Clever Internet.NET Suite. This library is used for implementing the MIME E-mail messages parsing. If you want to modify/recompile the DataDepersonalizer tool, download the Clever Internet .NET Suite installation package using the link above.

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