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SMTP Relay Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.

Using the SMTP protocol, a relay can transfer mail to another process on the same network or to some other network. With SMTP relay, a mail message may pass through a number of intermediate relay or gateway hosts on its path from sender to recipient. The MX mechanisms of the DNS are used to identify the appropriate next-hop destination for a message being transported. A "relay" SMTP system receives mail from an SMTP client and transmits it, without modification to the message data other than adding trace information, to another SMTP server for further relaying or for delivery. See RFC 2821RFC 2554 and RFC 974

Note: Most SMTP servers require that the sender PC must be registered in DNS. Otherwise, relaying will be denied to such SMTP servers.

Please see the Demos code (SmtpRelay) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation for more details about using this component.

The most common members of the SmtpRelay component can be seen below:

Property List

   Name    Description
 BatchSize Specifies the size of the transferred batch.
 DnsServer Specifies the DNS server IP for resolving mail exchange servers of the message recipients.
 MailMessage Gets or sets the Mail Message object, the mail message content of which will be processed.
 Password Specifies the password that allows the desired component to log on to the server.
 StatusList Represents the message relaying status per each message recipient.
 TimeOut Determines the time-out interval (in milliseconds) for initiating messages request.
 UserName Specifies the user name that allows the component to log on to the server.
 UseEHLO Makes the client to use the SMTP extensions while communicating with the server.

Method List

   Name    Description
 Send Use this method for relaying a message to the message recipients.

Event List

   Name    Description
 OnRelayMessage Occurs when the relay agent transports the mail message to the mail exchange server.
 OnConnectMX Occurs when the relay agent connects to the recipient mail exchange server.
 OnDisconnectMX Occurs when the relay agent disconnects from the recipient mail exchange server.
 OnResolveMX Occurs when the relay agent resolves the recipient mail exchange server.
 OnProgress Occurs when data downloading / uploading is processed.
 OnReceiveResponse Occurs when server response is received.
 OnSendCommand Occurs when the component has sent a command.

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