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Mail Message Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.

The MailMessage component represents the mail message data and the methods for its parsing and combining. This component represents a complete mail message as described in the Internet Standards documents: RFC 822RFC 1036 and RFC 2045

This component allows you to compose / parse messages in alternative MIME format with multiple file attachments. The contents decoding / encoding with character set translation is also supported.

BuildMessage overloaded functions allow easy creation of the mail messages in any formats using either a text or html message source or both and also support included file attachments and images linked to the html part of the message.

The MailMessage component is an independent stand-alone component and does not have ties with Clever Internet Suite mail socket engine. It is possible to use MailMessage with any other mail client engines / components for composing mail messages formatted according to RFC standards.

Please see the Demos code (MailProgress, MailSendReceive, MSExchange, ImapClient, NewsGroups) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Clever Internet Suite installation for more details about using this component.

The most common members of the MailMessage component can be seen below:

Supported Message Bodies

  Name   Description
 TextBody Implements the text / html message bodies storage for the mail components.
 AttachmentBody Implements the file attachment storage for the mail components.
 ImageBody Implements the image storage for the mail components.
 MultipartBody Implements the MIME multipart storage for the mail components.

Property List

  Name   Description
 Attachments Gets the message attachments.
 BCCList Specifies blind carbon copy recipients for the message.
 Bodies Represents a body collection of the message.
 BodiesSource Gets a string list with the message bodies' parts.
 Boundary Represents a character sequence that delimits the message bodies.
 Calendar Gets the message calendar body, if exists. Otherwise, Nil.
 CCList Specifies carbon copy recipients for the message.
 CharSet Represents the character set used for the message.
 ContentType Represents the MIME body type for the message.
 Date Represents the date when message was sent.
 Encoding Represents the encoding method for the message.
 ExtraFields Represents optional headers for the mail message.
 From Identifies the original author of the message.
 HeaderSource Gets or sets the the given string list with the message header part.
 Html Gets the message HTML.
 Images Gets the message images.
 MessageFormat Contains the format of parsed message.
 MessageID Specifies the message identifier assigned to the message.
 MessageSource Gets or sets the the given string list with the mail message source.
 MessageText Gets a text representation of the mail message content.
 NewsGroups Identifies newsgroup to receive the message.
 Priority Specifies the message priority for the mail server.
 ReadReceiptTo Specifies the the email address to which the recipient of the original message should reply with notification about receiving the message.
 References Is used by NNTP newsreader applications to create a threaded article display.
 ReplyTo Identifies the delivery address for message replies.
 Subject Specifies the subject for the message.
 Text Gets the message text or HTML in case if the message is in HTML format.
 ToList Provides mail message recipients.

Method List

  Name   Description
 BuildMessage Allows to build mail message using text and html message representations including both images and files attachment lists.
 Clear Cleans all message members and assigns them to their initial values.

Event List

  Name   Description
 OnChanged Occurs when a property value has been changed.
 OnEncodingProgress Occurs when the encoding / decoding is in process.
 OnLoadAttachment Occurs when the parser is about to build the attachment body and substitute its data to the resulting mail message.
 OnSaveAttachment Occurs when the message parser is about to store the body of the message being parsed into the stream.

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