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EPP Client Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.

Epp is used to submit requests to a shared central repository and manage objects within registries over the Internet.

The most common members of the EPP component can be seen below:

Property List

  Name   Description
 Authorized Returns true, if the client is authorized and allowed to be connected to the server; otherwise, false.
 LastTransactionId Gets the ID value of the last transaction.
 Password Specifies password that allows the desired component to log on to the server.
 Port Specifies port that allows the EPP client to connect to the server.
 Request Represents the EPP XML request to be sent to the server.
 RequestExtensions Gets or sets request extensions.
 RequestLanguages Gets or sets request languages.
 RequestObjects Gets or sets request objects.
 Response Represents the server response XML.
 ServerInfo Returns the EPP server details.
 StatusCode Gets status of last command.
 UserName Specifies user name that allows the component to log on to the server.

Method List

  Name   Description
 Hello Sends the Hello command.
 Login Logs in to the EPP server.
 Logout Sends the Logout command.
 SendCommand Sends EPP command.
 SendRequest Sends the request data to the server.

Event List

  Name   Description
 OnClose Occurs when component disconnected from the server.
 OnOpen Occurs when component connected to the server.
 OnGetCertificate Occurs when server needs a certificate for establishing connection.
 OnVerifyServer Occurs when server presents its certificate to the client.


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