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Email Validator Description

Features | Detailed Description

Available in .NET, VCL and ActiveX editions.

The EmailValidator component verifies if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.

The most common members of the Email Validator component can be seen below:

Property List

  Name   Description
 BlackList Specifies black list of email addresses.
 DnsServer Gets or sets DNS server name to be used for resolving addresses.
 EmailFrom Gets or sets the sender email address.
 HostName Gets or sets the host name to be used in SMTP validation when connecting to the server.
 SyntaxPattern Gets or sets the Regex pattern to be used in syntax validation.
 ValidationLevel Gets or sets the desired validation level.

Method List

  Name   Description
 Validate Validates selected email address.

Event List

  Name   Description
 OnCreateValidator Occurs when the component creates validator object and allows to override the default behavior.


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