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SQL Executor Description

Features | Detailed Description

The SQL Executor component runs an SQL script and updates the database. By using SQL Executor you can modify the database schema by altering the database objects as well as update table data by executing Insert, Update or Delete statements. The Database Comparer VCL library uses this component for running difference SQL scripts, produced by DB Comparer or Table Data Comparer components.

Each database has own TxxxSQLExec class which knows how to work with this specific database. For example for MS SQL there is a TMSSQLExec class and TIBSQLExec for Interbase and so on.

Please see the Demos code and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Database Comparer VCL installation for more details about using this component.

Property List

   Name    Description
 AutoDDL Script option SET AUTODLL ON / OFF (Interbase).
 BlobFileName Name of the Blob-file.
 BreakOnError Breaks on the error (when executing the result script).
 DBCConnection Database connection.
 Errors Total count of errors occurred during script execution.
 MsgManager List of messages generated during script execution.
 ScriptFileName SQL script file name.
 ShowFullLog Generate detailed log (read-only property).
 Statements Indexed statements sequence.
 StatementsCount Total number of statements in the script (read-only property).

Method List

   Name    Description
 Add Adds a statement to the statements sequence.
 Add_Commit Adds the "commit work" statement into the script.
 AddComment Adds a comment into the script.
 AddDescription Adds the description statement of the database object.
 AddReConnect Add re-connect statement into the script.
 Clear Empties the statements sequence.
 Delete Delete statement from the Statements sequence.
 ExecuteScript Runs the sequence of statements from final update script.
 ExecuteStatement Execute statement from Statements list specified by TStatement.
 GetScript Generate update SQL script.
 LoadFromFile Loads SQL script from a file.
 LoadFromStream Loads SQL script from Delphi Stream.
 LoadScript Loads SQL script from Delphi String List.
 SelectAll Select all statements.

Event List

   Name    Description
 OnErrorMessage Occurs when an error is generated during updating the database.
 OnLogNextLine Occurs when a new line has been generated and needs to be saved to log.
 OnProgressUpdate Occurs when the progress has changed.

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