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Script Extractor Description

Features | Detailed Description

The Script Extractor component is used for parsing SQL/DDL script, extracting all database objects and storing it in to the DB Structure component.

Each database type has own TxxxScriptExtract classes which knows how to work with this specific database. For example for MS SQL there is a TMSSQLScriptExtract class and TIBSctiptExtract for Interbase and so on. There are another metadata extractors - DB Extractor. These extractors can work directly with the database structure on the server.

Metadata extractor saves all information about underlying database structure in to a special storage class DB Structure. This class is unified for all types of databases. Such approach makes possible to compare and synchronize databases structure of different types of databases. For example you can compare and synchronize Oracle and MS SQL databases, MS SQL and dBases databases and so on.

Please see the Demos code (ScriptComparer) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Database Comparer VCL installation for more details about using this component.

Property List

   Name    Description
 ExtractObjects Specifies database objects to be extracted from the database.
 DBStructure Provides Database Structure to store extracted database objects.
 Script Original script for analysis.
 ScriptFileName File name of original script for analysis.
 ShowFullLog Generate detailed log when extracting metadata.

Method List

   Name    Description
 ExtractDatabase Extracts the database structure.

Event List

   Name    Description
 OnErrorMessage Occurs when an error is generated during extracting, comparing, or updating the database.
 OnLoadScript Event to be fired after script was loaded.
 OnLogNextLine Occurs when a new line has been generated and needs to be saved to log.
 OnProgressUpdate Occurs when the progress has changed.

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