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DB Structure Description

Features | Detailed Description

The DB Structure component represents the database metadata: tables, triggers, stored procedures and other database objects.

Metadata extractor saves all information about underlying database structure in to a special storage class: Database Structure. This class is unified for all types of databases. Such approach makes possible to compare and synchronize databases structure of different types of databases. For example you can compare and synchronize Oracle and MS SQL databases, MS SQL and dBases databases and so on.

When comparing databases the DB Comparer component uses two DB Structure storages to store Master and Targets database metadata.

Please see the Demos code (DBComparerDemoFib, DBComparerDemoIbo, DBComparerDemoIbx, DBComparerDemoMSSQL, ScriptComparer) and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Database Comparer VCL installation for more details about using this component.

Property List

   Name    Description
 CompareRole Specifies if this is a Master or Target database structure.
 Metadata Holds full database structure: list of tables, procedures, triggers, constraints and so on - all objects which defines database.
 DatabaseType Type of underlying database: Interbase, MS SQL, Oracle and so on.
 Extractor Extractor to load database objects.

Method List

   Name    Description
 Clear Removes database objects and initializes the Database Structure.

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