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DB Connection

Features | Detailed Description

The DB Connection is a component from the Database Comparer VCL library.
This component implements live database connection. Use DB Connection together with DB ComparerDB Extractor and SQL Executor components for comparing and synchronizing the database structure.


  • MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, InterBase, Sybase, Postgre SQL databases
  • ADO, BDE, IBX, FIB, IBO, ZEOS, AnyDAC database libraries
  • Full SQL Server 2005 support
  • Wide range of connection options: Server Version, SQL dialect, Character set, Role

Connect to most popular databases

The Database Connection component implements generic live database connection. By using this component you can connect to different databases via any supported database library. Use Database Connection if you want to work with different database types.

DBConnection1.ConnectionType := cnIBX;
with DBConnection1.ConnectionOptions do begin
   DatabaseName := 'database';
   HostName := 'server';
   UserName := 'user';
   Password := 'password';
DBConnection1.Connected := True;

IBSQLExec1.DBCConnection := DBConnection1;

You can always use database specific connection component e.g.: DB ConnectionADO, DB ConnectionIBX, DB ConnectionBDE etc. This feature allows you to bind standard VCL connection object to Database Comparer components.

DBConnectionADO1.Connection := ADOConnection1;
DBConnectionADO1.Connection.ConnectionString := ConnectionString;
DBConnectionADO1.Connected := True;

MSSQLExec1.DBCConnection := DBConnectionADO1;

Samples in Delphi and C++Builder

Please see the Demos code and also the indexed Help documentation provided with the Database Comparer VCL installation to learn more about using this component in your application.

Complete Delphi source code

When Purchasing the Database Comparer VCL you receive the full sources for all components and also free unlimited support.


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