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Sending and Receiving Emails using GMail in C#

This article describes how to send and receive Email using GMail in your .NET application.

Besides the standard way of managing your GMail account via the Google API interface, Google provides the ability to communicate with Email service via the standard SMPT and IMAP4 Internet protocols. There is a condition: both protocols should utilize the OAUTH authorization method when logging in to the service.

The Clever Internet Suite represents four special components that do all the work.

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Clever Internet Suite Tips and Tricks, Code Samples

New examples were added: OAuth Authorization, IMAP, and SMTP using GMail in C#.

The article represents a list of recently added samples with short comments and downloading links. This list will be periodically updated, new items will be added. Please stay tuned to new samples and use cases of the Clever Internet Suite library.

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SOAP security: digital signature

A working example in Delphi that implements the digital singing of the SOAP messages using the SHA hash algorithm and the private key cryptography with X509 certificates.

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