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Database Comparer VCL version 8.0 released

The new version introduces the UniDAC and IBObject connections. We have added more support for the Firebird server, including Grant/Revoke privileges, and improved the design-time behavior.

Database Comparer VCL now supports RAD Studio 11 Alexandria!

Also, we have fixed some existing problems with the Table Data Comparer, DB Comparer, and the FireDAC Connection components, including analyzing the Firebird CTE syntax.


Christmas is Coming!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and every success in your endeavours.Thank you for staying with us. Sincerely yours, CleverComponents team.

Please check out a list of new projects and tutorials on our GitHub repository:

Database Comparer in Delphi (UniDAC)

This Delphi project connects to an IB database via the UniDAC library, compares, synchronizes, and updates the database structure and table data.

GET on GitHub

MailSend with TMS FNC RichEditor

A Delphi tutorial that utilizes the TMS FNC UI RichEditor and Clever SMTP components to compose and send HTML E-mails.

GET on GitHub

IMAP Client in Delphi

The program implements an IMAP client, which connects to the specified mailbox over the IMAP4 protocol, manages IMAP folders and emails with an ability to skip invalid/broken messages.

GET on GitHub

MailClient with AntiVirus in Delphi

This Delphi project represents a basic yet fully functional E-mail client, which utilizes the TRichView components to display and edit HTML messages, Clever SMTP and POP3 components to send and retrieve E-mails. The downloaded messages are scanned using the ClamAV antivirus library.

GET on GitHub

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