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Clever Internet Suite 10.1 released

We have added RAD Studio 11 Alexandria support, introduced the SFTP server, TCP client and server components for .NET, and also implemented Public Key authorization in the SFTP server component.

The SSH engine was totally redesigned and improved to support more SSH channels and the SSH tunneling functionality.


SFTP Server in C# .NET

This C# project implements a fully functional SFTP server with multi-session support, which works via the SSH File Transfer Protocol.

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Connect Bitstamp API from Delphi

This program represents a converted C++ example, which is published in the Bitstamp API documentation. The example shows how to authenticate at the Bitstamp REST service, fill necessary request fields, and make an API call.

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Handling the Search Command in IMAP4 Server for C# .NET

This is a sample IMAP server, which shows how to handle the search command in IMAP4 Server for C# .NET, You can use any mail client with IMAP support to connect to this server.

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