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We released a new version of Clever Internet Suite 10.2

This new version of our Internet components improves the SFTP connection speed, adds more data protection options to the SOAP component, updates the DNS Query component, and includes a lot of new features, optimizations, and bugfixes.

Clever Internet Suite completely supports RAD Studio 11.1 Alexandria and Visual Studio 2022.

BTW: we are providing a special time-limited discount to buy a new or upgrade the existing license.


Please check out a list of new projects and tutorials on our GitHub repository:

How to Recompose Received MailMessage with Attachments

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever Mail Message and S/MIME Message components to parse / compose E-mail messages in MIME format, with file or image attachments.

GET on GitHub

Send Photo using Telegram API

The program represents a Delphi tutorial that utilizes the Clever HTTP and HttpRequest components to submit an image to a Telegram channel using Telegram Bot API.

GET on GitHub

How to use OpenSSL with Memory Bios to run TLS handshake

This simple Delphi project learns the TLS handshake implementation using OpenSSL 3.0 Memory BIOs.

GET on GitHub

Silent Socket Receiver in Delphi

The tutorial represents a Delphi program that starts listening to an incoming connection, accepts the connection, receives all data over the established connection, and sends no data back to the client.

GET on GitHub

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