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Clever Keyboard Indicator Version 5.0 (6 November 2007) Release

The Clever Keyboard Indicator version 5.0 represents the expansion of the previous version 4.0 and provides a lot of improvements and new features. In this version we have improved registration process, added new features to our OSD module, redesigned the user interface and included a set of minor changes and improvements.

New Features

  • Fast switching of the keyboard icons - starting from now you can change all key icons simultaneously by loading the palette file (*.wip);
  • Multi-Language support - the current version of the Clever Keyboard Indicator supports English, German, Russian and Polish languages and we are constantly working on translating the Clever Keyboard Indicator interface to new languages;
  • Displaying of the OSD text while key is pressed;
  • Clicking through OSD text while it is displayed;
  • Registering of purchased version by entering Personal Registration Key.

In new version 5.0 we totally replaced and improved registration procedure. Upon completion of the purchasing process you will receive full version of the Clever Keyboard Indicator and your Personal Registration Key.

All what you need is to copy and paste your Personal Registration Key to the Registration Form of the Clever Keyboard Indicator program.

To be sure that you have successfully registered your copy of Clever Keyboard Indicator, please open the Clever Keyboard Indicator Options form. You can find your Personal Registration data within the "About" tab.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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