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Download Clever Keyboard Indicator

Download your free trial of Clever Keyboard Indicator. This program stays in Windows system tray and displays "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" indicators.

Free and fully functional trial of Clever Keyboard Indicator is available for evaluation purposes only. Trial/unregistered version has only one limitation and difference from a registered version - all options changes you have made during your working session will be lost once Clever Keyboard Indicator is shutdown (unloaded from memory).

When clicking the "Download" link, the Clever Keyboard Indicator installation will be downloaded. The Clever Keyboard Indicator installer copies application and documentation files to the installation folder and registers the application for running when Windows starts.

You can uninstall the program from your computer if you no longer use it by clicking on the "Uninstall Clever Keyboard Indicator" button within the Windows Start menu. You can also use Programs and Features in your control panel to uninstall the components.

End-User License Agreement

  Description   Size   Download
 Clever Keyboard Indicator v 5.0 857 Kb Download

7 additional Tray Icons are available for downloading from the links below. Each zip archive includes a theme file in binary format that can be imported to the Clever Keyboard Indicator options:


How to install Tray Icons

  • Download selected Tray Icons by using the links above;
  • Unzip the theme file ("*.wip") from downloaded archive;
  • Open the Clever Keyboard Indicator Options dialog and click the "Load" button to load the theme file.

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